Columbia Ecotrac Adventures

mt7 up trucks mt7 up trucks mt7 up trucks

Planning a group trip to do some hiking, canoeing? We can get you to your destination and bring you back. No need to worry about wear and tear on your vehicle. Racking for bikes, canoes, kayaks, hang glider, etc. Can take up to 5 people per truck. Give us a call, info on contact page.

In 2018, we have two regular trucks and one extra truck for during the Willi (end July beginning August). Of the two regulars, one is hang glider friendly (the black one), so be sure to ask if you carry a hang glider. The Willi Muller Memorial Cross Country Challenge aka the Willi is a long running annual distance competition between hang gliders and paragliders of various skills. Numerous participants colour the sky with their wings for a week. Flights can go high and far and as far as the US sometimes. Lots of pilots land by highway 95 south of Golden.

Rates in 2018
Nicholson/Reflection lake to mount 7 launch$20/person (including gear of course)
Retrieves/Other locations$1/km* for the truck (up to 5 persons and gear)
* km the truck does i.e. double for retrieves. Better to share.